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Ken McCarthy, Multiple Arts


Ken McCarthy, Multiple Arts


It’s all about Art. Always was and always will be, for me. My earliest memories are of drawing, music, reading, singing & performing. Art School was inevitable. Still immersed, Art is my lifestyle. Shortly after attending Cooper School of Art in Cleveland, the B&O Railroad was looking for an in-house graphic designer and illustrator for their corporate identity change to the Chessie System. From the 40th floor of the Terminal Tower it took a year and a half to complete their programme. Then a change of venue to Baltimore, MD where the B&O Railroad Museum was undergoing a total restoration, building and artifacts. The year we spent there overseeing it’s restoration and display modernization was a grand experience. My wife and I returned to Berea, started a business, bought a house and had 2 children. I still operate Gorman’s Photo & Art in Berea, now for 45 years, copying & restoring photographs & documents and converting analog images & movies to digital media. I’m an artist/image technician with one foot in the old world and one in the new. I love my job.

My personal artwork is not limited to a single media. Though the Art of photography has greatly influenced my approach to any media in which I choose to work, the ‘graphic’ ones are where I can be a spontaneous expressionist or a meticulous planner. My Art is generally not representational of subject. They are rendered moments in time using the artistic elements of line, space, shape, texture, contrast, juxtaposition, etc. in many media.




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